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Just stay at home (Single / Demo)

by Déhà

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Part of a next album, untitled. The circumstances with the Coronavirus made me do this, as a resort to let some steam off.

This is thus a single, and a demo version, of an upcoming album.


"We always say 'rights to the people' but what if the people don't care?
We've seen enough about the selfishness of the common humans.
Actually not caring about anyone else but their own, fighting like there's no tomorrow for some special brand of water or toilet paper.
Let us see how the silent people will rise above the ashes of stupidity.
Death by idiocy."

Okay, everyone at fucking right now, open up this fucking pit
Uah. Die!

I reached my limit, there's no fucking point in staying calm
Your breed is stupid, motherfuckers, back of my palm
You were given one goddamn rule, one rule to stay at home
Thanks to you my street has become a demilitarized zone

Motherfuckers! I hope you choke in your purell
Jebivjetri! Fucking die in a barrel
Zabbour ommak! I hope your animals feast on you
Koňomrdi! I wish I was there to watch you

Dummes Arschloch! I will rip your fucking nails off
Syökää paskaa! And let em fucking bleed out
Gilipollas! I'm gonna sing Despacito
Skurvysyňi! Motherfucking despacito!

Come on down and feel the light / It is the end of the world
You've never been in a fight / I'll introduce you to a club
I love your pictures on Facebook / It could me feel less alone
But one simple rule by the book / Right now stay the fuck at home

There is nothing else that you can do except do nothing
How in the fuck can be it so damn hard you can't stay put
My eldest family could die because you can't follow
One simple rule made so you all can live, how hard is it

Just stay at home.

(Thanks to Jan I. / Ivana R. / Olivier V. / Carlos B. M / Mynni L. / Veronika M.)


released March 17, 2020
Vocals, choirs, guitars, vocal guitar solo, bass, drums, fucking tambourine, staying at home like a boss, performance, recording, mixing, mastering by Déhà

(this song does not contain any samples, nor keyboards. all samples, all vocals, all choirs are done by Déhà)


all rights reserved



Déhà Brussels, Belgium

Non-bands material, from every style of music, any kind of music, concept, ... done by Déhà (Musical Excrements) /// Logo by Médérick Infekt

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