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4 5 6

by Déhà

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4 5 6 37:06
I have a feeling that i've been dead I've contemplated the words unsaid I've suffered all the ones which were said And I find myself down in Death's lair I had this feeling but it was fine I've had this shit lingering for a while I can't undone what I've done so bring me harm Cause at least, when I'm hurt, I feel warmth There is no rest / there's always a test There is no fire, no light, no fucking way out from the tunnel I cannot bear the waiting, feels like my mind is shrivelled But I have a word to lay / my throat is burning to say I've been destroyed, I've been scarred, been fucked up and threatened like shit, I've Been alone, been lonely, been myself but I've never been glad I'm so damn tired I am through all this / It's like I have never known peace My life was never at stake for no one, so tell me Why the fuck should I care Why the fuck can't I care If there's a reason to live / there's a reason to die I wish I could have the strength / but here I am a liar I wish I could have spoken / I wish I could have closure If there's a reason to live / it means that i'm a failure So come and push me down / I've known my words are broken The same old sufferings brought me back to the times when I've not spoken So come and love me not / I've known my scars are opened I'm back to these time when I've failed to live and I'm stll broken I have felt so much / can it stop Can it erase me / what i feel I accept the defeat / I accept all fault I've done all which should be done / do i need help And it's been the same for so long I've always known I've been wrong For I remember this melody Nothing ever changes Le vide de l'exutoire dans un souffle forcé Le vice d'un au revoir dans le souffre corsé Peu importe les essais de catharsis, je tombe Attendant que l'on pisse sur ma tombe D'une foi morte depuis bien trop longtemps Je subis de voir filer ma vie, le temps Longtemps à croire, à vivre dans cette attente D'une puissance dévastatrice et absente, néante Je parle enfin à toi, amour, ma déesse du vide J'en ferais des poésies mais tu me rends avide Tu m'as tant promis, tant fait baver, tant humilié Je n'ai eu que mon sperme dans tes draps mouillés Puisse tu crever la bouche ouverte en deux Crève sous les souffrances, martyrs des dieux Pour que ton vide, ton absence te soit infligés Pour que tu comprennes enfin les suicidés Je vis de terre rances et de lames de rasoir Je crie ma trance pour continuer à croire J'attends ta dance encore chaque soir Au début, le silence, et puis c'est le noir La souffrance des autres ne peut être connue qu'en souffrant soi-même. Chaque taillade de chair ne peut être chère si elle n'est faite sans âme. Son mental agît, ses membres obéissent, les formes s'agitent, la peau se gouffre. Un cratère de lave rouge se forme, chaque trace laissée est un monde qui part, qui s'ouvre au monde, et sans aucun son, ces cratères se multiplient. Chaque forme n'est pas vaine, elles s'accouplent avec la veine. Et les perles rares deviennent rivières, les cernes grises clament une prière. Un bruit sourd termine la douce sonate sur le sol, aucune réponse. Un piano sans accord se meurt. Aime moi! Aime moi pour la première fois! Embrasse moi! Serre moi! Prends moi! Force toi s'il le faut mais donne toi à moi! Etrangle moi! Coupe moi!


"Déhà is, without any doubt, a figure of modern music. Not only a musician, he produces his own music as well as some of the scene's most upcoming legends (Wolvennest, as for a simple example) and once again, we have another example of his genius. He is nicknamed "the master of music emotions" and this is definitely an understatement. '4 5 6' is not just an album, it's a bad trip to the excellencies of depression, of introspection. Another very long song, as per his album 'Thoughtscanning' with duo 'We All Die (Laughing)', and another perfect shot for his catalogue. Such musical experience is not easy, but it's rewarding." - P. T.

"'4 5 6' gets deep, really deep. I mean, how can he, alone, take the goddamn pop music 4 chords and make it so seamless in such depressive music? It's not only touching, it's ripping me apart. And I love it!" - A. G.


released September 27, 2018

Composed from a melody dating from 2002
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Opus Magnum Studios
2016 - 2018 - Brussels - Belgium

All instruments, all vocals, lyrics and production by Déhà

Photography & model : Daria Endresen

Artworks & layout : I Breathe Needles


all rights reserved



Déhà Brussels, Belgium

Non-bands material, from every style of music, any kind of music, concept, ... done by Déhà (Musical Excrements) /// Logo by Médérick Infekt

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